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Cav-i Farm

Cav-i Farm

This month we are featuring Candy Rich and Cav-I Farm. One of the first questions we asked Candy was about the name of the farm, she said, “My friends told me I had to chose a farm name when I started riding (after not doing so for 27 years) and chasing the breeding dream of my childhood. I have always had an interest in Native American Culture, etc. I was reading a book of children’s stories from the Paiute tribe. Cav-i meant horse in Paiute according to the book hence Cav-i Farm (horse farm).”

Candy started riding at age 4 with her Granddaddy. He had “hunters” and rode his Cleveland Bay “Missy” until he was 83 and stopped riding at age 86. She grew up riding Hunters, Jumpers, and Polo ponies; and her dream was to breed and raise horses. However, her first priority was her two sons – she waited until they “were on their own” before reaching for her dream.

Cav-i Farm is a small farm with all the work that goes along with it. The routine is the daily care, nurturing, training , and enjoyment of the horses. There is always the daily maintenance of the property on top of that. The long term work is researching new/different bloodlines to breed to. Advertising, selling, and plain old networking all seem to be a constant. Adding new training ideas and structures have been goals that are reached and ongoing.

From the beginning Candy said she carefully selected mares and stallions. Utilizing the quality of a variety of different Warmblood Breed Registries to produce good dispositions, athleticism, and heart. Her horses are registered with the North American Studbook and Studbook Selle Francais North America.

The keys to her success – in her own words, “the keys to my success I believe are hard work, good support people, a willingness to learn, and “LOVE” of the horses.

Cav-I Farm stallion, Santana, played a large in the founding of the farm’s bloodlines! Candy explained, “He truly contributed so much of himself to the foals. My young horses have gone on to be good at their jobs. I have been lucky to have quality riders help me over the years; and in over the 16 years I have been doing this my vet, Ray Rood has been the one constant that has contributed so much! He is there for the retired horses, show horses, mares, foals - be it health issues, pregnancy, or just me worrying. Thanks Ray! You are such an important part of the team!”

Candy pointed out that it was funny but it was the second time in the last 6 weeks that she had been asked what her greatest achievement was and she responded with without thought - being a Mother to my two sons. Her goals she said were to the best that she can to be successful in my life and business and to help others.   “Her Mom”, she said was her greatest inspiration. She taught her to dream, work hard, have compassion , and be grateful for what she had.

Candy has been a client of Peterson Smith for 15 years. She said she chose us due to our reputation. She said, her farm vet, Dr. Ray Rood, and all the professionals that make up the practice keep her using us; And that, surgery, internal medicine, reproduction, diagnostic equipment, lab and pharmacy, office personnel, techs, and caring employees have made an impression over the years.

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