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2015 Working Students

2015 Working Students

We're proud to have 13 incredible young equine professionals working for us during this breeding season. They are all talented and will go on to have succesful careers in the equine industry. 

Alyssa M. –ERC. Michigan. She is a freshman at Iowa State University and a member of the Block and Bridle Club, where she heard of the PSEH Working Student Program. She shadowed the famous Dr. Pol and works for a small animal hospital back home. Alyssa grew up riding for fun and participated in 4H, and has two Arabians and a mini horse. She wanted to be at the ERC to learn about flushing mares and artificial insemination.

                                                                                                                          Holly – ERC. Pennsylvania. Holly earned her BS degree in Animal Science from Delaware Valley College in 2011. Although she didn’t grow up with horses, she got involved with 4H when she was 11. She worked at a breeding farm and applied for the ERC working student program as a new beginning to gain further experience. Holly hopes to find full-time, long-term employment at a vet clinic after the program is complete.


Kelsey – ERC. Mississippi.  After hearing about the program from a roommate, Kelsey thought it would be a good opportunity for experience. At the time, she didn’t know if she was accepted into vet school. She starts back at Mississippi State for her graduate’s degree in June. She has known she wanted to be a vet since 16 and spent her high school years shadowing veterinarians.  Kelsey grew up doing 4H and western and hunter shows, but sold her most recent horse to help put herself through college.


Stephanie – ERC. Florida.  Consider Stephanie the moonwalking princess at the ERC. Growing up a city girl in Miami, Stephanie only rode horses at her uncle’s farm in Orlando. She is in her third year at UF, where she started attending majoring in zoology, but changed to veterinary medicine. Feeling a little discouraged, she applied for the working student program to find out if she really wanted to work with horses. Now, she has no doubts.  


Abigail – ERC. Florida.  A counselor at UF told Abigail about the working student program and she jumped on it. She began owning horses when she was 12-years-old. During high school, Abigail worked on quarter horse farms starting 2-year-olds. She worked her way to the third level of Parelli horsemanship and trained mustangs and competed in ACTHA trails.    



Mary – ERC. Minnesota.  Earning an animal science degree at Iowa State, Mary is really interested in reproduction. Finding out about the ERC Working Student program though the Block & Bridle Club, she applied. Mary proudly boasts how she wants Jose’s job. She likes stallion breeding and seeing a good baby produced from breeding. She has had about 8 years riding English and western, and enjoys baking and cooking. 


Brittany – ERC. Colorado.  A junior at Colorado State University, working at the ERC has given Brittany a chance to see reproduction up close. She is thinking of making this her career focus once she is in vet school. She will be applying this summer.  One of the best learning experiences she has taken from the working student program is the chance to see how an equine facility operates in veterinary and non-veterinary tasks, she said, as well as pre and post-partum care for mares and foals. Brittany enjoys trail rides and participating in her Pre-Vet Club at school.



Kelly – ERC. Florida.  Kelly recently got good news – She was accepted into University of Florida Veterinary College and is focused on large animal medicine. The hands-on experience at the ERC has given her great insight into breeding programs and she heard about the opportunity through a friend who attended a few years ago. Kelly grew up in Lecanto riding hunt seat and competing in Hunter/Jumper Classes. She earned her way onto the UF Equestrian team during her undergraduate degree.   


Alyssa – PSEH. Pennsylvania.  Alyssa has a pretty impressive resume at a young age. Before PSEH, she interned at The Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium and the Fort Worth Zoo. She also went to France last summer for an equine program similar to ours. Alyssa said she applied to PSEH to gain more clinical experience. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Penn State in animal science. She isn’t sure if she wants to focus her next step in education toward veterinary or zoology.  Alyssa grew up showing Morgans and saddlebreds, and earned several reserve championships.


Rebecca – PSEH. New York.  Rebecca graduated from Morrisville College where she majored in equine science management specializing in breeding. She had experience with artificial insemination, foals, stallions and mares. She thought she would be placed at the ERC, but is glad she got the opportunity to get clinical experience in medicine and surgery. Rebecca hasn’t put vet school out of her mind, and sees it as an option in the future. She rode her first horse at 3-years-old on a vacation to Ireland and was hooked.


Katie – PSEH. Wisconsin.  Katie grew up helping her grandfather on his farm, operating a stable. She also participated in The Pony Club in her hometown of Racine, cleaning stalls, feeding and giving medication. She is currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin majoring in animal science. Katie is greatly interested in equine rehabilitation, reproduction and stable management.

Shelby – PSEH. California.  The working student program has been an opportunity for Shelby to gain hands-on experience in an equine hospital and use her bachelor’s degree in animal science. She is also getting great use out of her equine science certification, all of which she earned from Kansas State University. Once the program is over, Shelby is considering going back to school and wants to start a career.


Ethan – PSEH. Iowa.  Ethan is a good stride closer to realizing his goals of being a large animal veterinarian now that he’s been under the skillful eye of Dr. Riggs as his ambulatory working student. Recently, he earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He hopes to one day have a practice specializing in equine and livestock. Ethan grew up driving and showing Shetland ponies. He was also active in 4H, FFA and Block and Bridle Club. 





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