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Equine Ed- "The Repro Man"

on Monday, 26 May 2014. Posted in Blog

Equine Ed-

Our very own Dr. Matthews is being featured in a documentary! This Wednesday, May 28th at 4 pm, he will be on the newest episode of Equine Ed, an online interactive show about equine education. 

Watch as he discusses the history of equine reproduction along with other topics such as embryo flush, embryo transfer, oocyte collection and ICSI.  The show will be starting with a routine mare examination and then go on to artificial insemination, embryo transfer, intracellular sperm injection and cloning. The best part about this show is Dr. Matthews will be available immediately after the show for a question and answer session! Any questions you may have about equine reproduction will be answered by Dr. Matthews himself!  The show runs from 4-4:30pm (Eastern Time) and is immediately followed by the Q&A session from 4:30-5pm.

In order to watch this show, you must register with Saber City, Registration is free! All you have to do is provide your email address and set up a password and you are good to go. We hope you all enjoy the show, and be sure to share this information with anyone who would be interested in learning more about equine reproduction!  

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